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We are two girls from Iceland. Currently studying in London, one at LCC, the other at LCF. We enjoy collaborating on creative endevours with other students or proffesionals. This blog is our medium of sharing our work, thoughts and lives with anyone out there. Don't hesitate to contact us about anything!


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New Beginnings

If you find yourself on this site - please head over to our new online portfolio and blog The Ostranenie

Thanks for following and liking. If you wish to continue seeing our work and reading our posts, they will from now on be posted on our new site.




Katrín and I want to thank you all for the likes on Katríns last post! We're super flattered. Really makes you want to run out there with a camera and keep being creative.

On that note, I probably shouldn't have quit my part time job just yet.. as I picked up the paintbrush today and let's just say.. it was fun! I'm completely obsessed with textures and layering in any shape or form. Katrín was playing with some cling film layered on her photograph the other day, of course I had to try something of that sort too. Please don't judge my painting skills, or lack there of, as I'm only experimenting with different mediums to create texture and try and get more ideas. 

My favorite bits are always some random close ups of the scans. 


Something new

I'd like to share with you photos from a photoshoot me and Lilja did back home in Iceland while we were there on our holiday. We felt like doing something creative in between eating way too much smoked meat and christmas cookies!

Here are a few photos I picked. As usual, all photos by me and styling by Lilja. I also shot on analog but I haven't managed to find time to process them yet! They'll be up on the blog soon as I've found time to process them. 





Christmas vacation!

Finally, another post! First it was uni hand ins, then work, work and more work. This passed week I've simply been too cosy to even contemplate blogging.. until now.

I arrived in Iceland on the 20th, after working way too many hours. It's been wonderful seeing all my friends and family again, mostly my little sister Sólrún and my dear goddaughter Lilja. I've eaten too many chocolates, consumed some beers and eaten WAY too much salty meat (Christmas tradition here in Iceland, everything is salted or smoked). I got some wonderful presents from my loved ones. Myself and some friend were discussing on Christmas day how the presents define you. Well, I only got shoes, perfume, candles (or candle holders) and amazing bibs and bobs made by my little sister. By this, I must be obsessed with shoes (duh), smell very well (or too much) and love a candle lit dinner.

Me and Katrín had a lovely lunch yesterday at Vegamót, she opted for a burrito but I had an open steak sandwich (feeling a bit hung over after 3 beers). Here are some photos she snapped with her new lense on our walk through central Reykjavík.

It was windy, icey and COLD! I've become quite unused to this sort of weather, particularly walking in it.

One of my favorite buildings in Reykjavík in the background, it has a 'tower' which reminded me of the Taj Mahal when I was little, so I used to call it the Taj Mahal.

I wore my Topshop boots, an H&M dress, my lovely ACNE jumper and my monster H&M coat. Also, I got the lovely scarf from Katrín for Christmas, it's from Topshop

I hope you're all enjoying your Christmas breaks!


Christmas Wish List

Christmas is almost upon us, again, which made me realize that this blog has not gotten an update for almost a whole month. Bad, bad bloggers us.

It's mid December now so the perfect topic seems to be a Christmas wish list! A good pair of ankle boots is needed though as I've worn through my trusty old Topshop ones at work. I've also wanted a good pair of stylish sneakers for a while now, after I realised I like that whole sneaker trend, also practical when you walk as much as you do living in London.

Here are my top picks for this Christmas.

This faux fur pullover from & Other Stories - I have a thing for ugly pretty garments that remind you of 70's furniture.

So pretty in action. I tried it on today and even though it's a jumper it works as outerwear, amazing to pop over a boring black outfit any day.

These leather ankle boots, also from & Other Stories.

Perfect for work or everyday use in the foggy London weather.

The Too Hot to Handle satchel from Marc by Marc Jacobs. You need 'I wish' item on your list every year, right?

These Nike Free 3.0 trainers. Practicality plus they're stylish (a year ago you would have rather seen me in a bin bag than pairing Nike trainers with anything in my wardrobe!)

This Kenzo iPhone cover! This was my favorite print from their past collection, sadly, the cheapest garment from the range with it was about £300. 

Anything from & Other Stories new scent 'Ginger Wishes'!

That's enough from me for now, a hot bubble bath awaits me after hours of Christmas shopping with my mum today.